Thursday, 28 July 2011

Deadline Today Summer '11

The Wonderland Exhibition 'Deadline Today: 99+ stories of making architectural competitions' featuring draftworks* story about the Alikes Info Centre competition, after having traveled to many European cities goes back to Austria.
You can visit it this summer from 9th-28th August at the amazing Gunther Domenig's Steinhaus


Gunther Domenig's Steinhaus: venue of the exhibition

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Future Larnaca

draftworks* have been invited to present the 'Alikes Environmental Centre' at the conference:
Larnaca 21: Embracing the Future

Join us on 8 July 2011
Venue: 'Ktima Makenzy', Larnaca

Larnaca Market Competition, Plans


1. Plan of the Groundfloor with the covered market in the middle, the openair market on the left and the parking space on the top
2. Plan of the canopy that covers the market and connects the three parts of the programme

[draftworks*, AA+U, C.Karagiorgi]